Current Investments Trident V

  Company Date of Investment Sector
The ARC Group, LLC July 2011 Insurance Distribution
Atrium Underwriting Group November 2013 Insurance Underwriting
Citco III Limited June 2011 Business Process Outsourcing
Eagle Point Credit Management LLC Eagle Point Credit Management LLC December 2012 Asset Management
Enhanced Capital / Tree Line October 2014 Asset Management and Commercial Finance
Enstar Group Limited May 2012 Insurance Run-off
First Data Holdings, Inc. July 2014 Payments Processing
Freepoint Commodities LLC March 2011 Commodities Merchant
HCBF Holding Company, Inc. September 2010 Banking
Hodges-Mace, LLC December 2013 Insurance Brokerage and Distribution
Verisight KaylaRe December 2016 Reinsurance
LTCG, Inc. LTCG, Inc June 2014 Insurance Outsourcing
NEBCO Insurance Services, LLC NEBCO Insurance Services, LLC January 2013 Insurance Brokerage
New Ocean Capital Management Limited July 2013 Asset Management
Description: New Point IV New Point V/VI/VII July 2011 / July 2012 / August 2013 / November 2014 Reinsurance
Verisight, Inc & New Point Holding Newport Group Holdings, Inc. August 2013 Retirement Services
NXT Capital, LLC April 2010 Commercial Finance

Prima Capital

Advisors, LLC

January 2011 Asset Management
Sedgwick, Inc. February 2014 Insurance Outsourcing
SKY Harbor Capital Management, LLC September 2011 Asset Management
StarStone StarStone Insurance Holdings Limited April 2014 Insurance Underwriting
Trident V Credit

Trident V Credit

Holdings, L.P.

January 2011 Asset Management

* Investments profiled on this page represent the current portfolio of Trident V, L.P. investments.