Current Investments Trident VI

  Company Date of Investment Sector
Verisight Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. August 2015 Insurance Distribution
Verisight Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Inc. March 2017 Bankruptcy Services
Verisight Black Mountain Systems March 2015 Financial Technology
Verisight Broadstone Real Estate, LLC July 2015 Asset Management
Verisight Cross Ocean Partners July 2015 Asset Management
Verisight Focus Financial Partners, LLC July 2017 Wealth Management
Verisight Formation Capital, LLC April 2016 Asset Management and Healthcare Services
Verisight Freedom Financial September 2015 Consumer Finance
Verisight Greenspoint Capital September 2015 Insurance Distribution
Harbor Group Harbor Group Consulting August 2016 Business Services
Harbor Group

Henderson Park Capital

May 2016 Asset Management
Verisight Home Point Capital LP September 2014 Mortgage Origination and Servicing
Verisight JND Holdings LLC February 2016 Legal Claims Administration
Verisight Kensington Vanguard August 2016 Insurance Distribution
Verisight Kestra Financial, Inc. June 2016 Broker-Dealer; Wealth Management
Verisight Millstein & Co July 2015 Advisory Services and Asset Management
Verisight NFP Corp. February 2017 Insurance Distribution
Oasis Outsourcing Corporation December 2014 Process Outsourcing and Benefits Administration
Omni Holding Company December 2014 Specialty Finance and Asset Management
Portfolio Financial Servicing Company September 2016 Specialty Finance Servicing
Preston Hollow Capital, LLC July 2015 Specialty Finance
Privilege Underwriters, Inc. August 2015 Insurance Distribution
Situs April 2015 Business Services

* Investments profiled on this page represent the current portfolio of Trident VI, L.P. investments.